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How to vote

For the first time in its history, the Quebec Liberal Party will choose its next leader via universal suffrage.

All members will be allowed to vote.

Who can vote?

All members in good standing are eligible to vote to choose a leader. With the exception of non-resident members, all members must vote in the electoral riding of the association to which they are affiliated.

In the case of non-resident members, they must vote in the riding where they are considered a qualified elector, in accordance with the Election Act.

How is my vote counted?

Votes will be calculated using a point system. Each riding will be attributed 2000 points, which will be distributed to the leadership candidates according to the percentage of votes they received. 125,000 points will be attributed to the votes cast by members aged 25 and under.

You are 26 or older? 

Your vote will be counted among the 2,000 points attributed to your riding.

You are 25 years old or less?

Your vote, regardless of your riding, will be counted among the 125,000 points attributed to votes cast by members aged 25 and under.

When will I be able to vote?

Voting will take place via telephone and online over a period of at least 5 consecutive days, ending a reasonable number of hours after each of the candidates’ final speeches have been made.


Members will be able to rank the candidates in order of preference.

Become a member

All members of the QLP will be eligible to vote to select the next leader either via telephone or Internet. Be a part of the change. Become a member!


Donate up to $100. This money will help defray the costs of organizing a solid election campaign in 2022.

Get involved

Get involved in the work of your Liberal riding association, or of the party itself, or participate in our local, regional or province-wide activities and events!