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Dominique Anglade, Officially An Aspiring Candidate

In accordance with the Quebec Liberal Party’s (QLP) Rules for the Leadership Election, Ms. Dominique Anglade has completed the necessary steps and her candidacy has been validated by the QLP’s interim leader, Mr. Pierre Arcand.

Dominique Anglade is now officially an aspiring candidate in the leadership race which will officially begin at the next General Council on November 23 and 24, 2019, in Sherbrooke.

The Quebec Liberal Party will be undertaking an important step in its history by selecting a new leader in the spring of 2020. Recall that those who want to be candidates in this race are considered aspiring candidates once they have made their interest in entering the race known to the QLP’s interim leader and have submitted their name and that of their financial representative to the DGEQ.

An aspiring candidate becomes an official candidate in the leadership race when, in support of his or her candidacy, he or she deposits $50, 000 in trust and submits the signatures of 750 members in good standing from at least 70 ridings and from 12 regions, as stipulated in the Bylaws. Among the 750 signatures, at least 250 must be from people who became members in good standing after May 5, 2019. The aspiring candidate must also have respected all the other terms stipulated in Article 5 b. of the Rules for the Leadership Election, which were adopted at the QLP’s General Council last May and that the leadership race has begun.

Key information:

  • The Leadership race, whose maximum length will be 7 months, began at the QLP’s General Council on November 23,  2019 in Sherbrooke and will end at the Leadership Convention in the Spring of 2020 in Eastern Quebec;

  • The vote will be held by universal suffrage according to a points system (see Article R-15.1 of the Bylaws);

  • All members in good standing will have the right to vote;Votes will be weighted according to riding and age group (see Articles R-16 and R-17 of the Bylaws);

  • The candidate that is elected leader will have earned 50% plus one of the total points obtained in all ridings, taking into account that 33 ¹/³ % of each riding’s votes must be given to members aged 25 and less.